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What is the Fundamental Index?


FCAS stands for Fundamental Crypto Asset Score. This score is obtained by examining the basics of a project’s business cycle and shows the fundamentals of a cryptocurrency. The principles that are considered for scoring are: User Activity, Developer Behavior and Market Maturity.
FCAS ratings are numbers between 0 and 1000. The number 0 is the worst and the number 1000 represents the highest performance of a cryptocurrency.
User Activity is a comprehensive measure of the behavior of all consumers in a particular project, which includes two main factors: Project use and network activity.
Network Activity is a comparable estimate based on the above classifications which focuses on the activities of stakers’ wallet, miners, users and investors. Project Utilization factor is calculated based on the activity of wallets executed by users (most of which are transfers and smart contract calls). This activity is used in the predefined application of the project. User activity has a great impact on the FCAS score of the project.
Developer behavior is an indicator that shows the activity and efficiency of a project’s developers and comes from three factors:
Code changes, Code improvements and Project participation.
The score of this section is obtained by recording and evaluating code repository events in services such as GitHub.

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