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The best Bitcoin mining machines in 2021!


The increasing popularity of bitcoin and the profitability of mining this currency has made the bitcoin mining industry bigger day by day. As you probably know, it is no longer possible to use home computers to mine bitcoins and we should use special devices called ASICs. On the other hand, due to the competitive nature of the mining process and the difficulty of mining, Newer and more efficient devices are usually introduced to the market at intervals of several months and quietly remove the older devices.
Which model is the best bitcoin mining machine right now, and what other models are there after that? What are the important criteria in the profitability of a miner?
According to surveys and digital inquiries of professional miners, at the time of updating this article (September 1400), among this industry activists, “Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro” machine is known as the best bitcoin mining machine. Of course, if we look at the issue from a more general perspective, the best of a mining device is a relative matter, and in some areas and conditions, devices may be used that are not profitable in other areas and conditions.
As a general rule, the best mining machine for anyone is a machine that, in addition to having a long life, has a faster return on investment. The period of time when the money to buy the device and its incidental expenses is returned is called Return on investment (ROI).
As a rule, the best and newest miner is not always the most popular.
For example, although “Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro” is the best bitcoin mining machine on the market by most miners at the time of writing; But where electricity is cheap, many large farms may still use the older device like S9J and other models.
In general, the most important factors that affect the profitability and return on investment of a machine are:
📍machine power (hash rate): The higher the processing power of the machine to produce hash, the higher the amount of bitcoins mined.
📍Power consumption of the machine: The higher the power consumption of the mining device in terms of watts, the higher the cost of electricity will be borne by the minor.
📍machine price: The amount of money paid for the purchase of the mining machine, the higher it is, the longer the miner has to work to get the purchase capital back and so the return on investment time increases.

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