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Bitcoin Breaks $51k Again As 20k BTC Flows Out Of Exchanges


As Bitcoin once again breaks past the $51k mark, on-chain data suggests more than 20k BTC exited exchanges before this price move.
As pointed out by a CryptoQuant post, netflows amounted to 20k BTC exiting exchanges yesterday, the largest spike since September.
The “all exchanges netflow” is an on-chain indicator that measures the net amount of Bitcoin going into or out of wallets of all exchanges. The metric’s value is calculated by simply taking the difference between the inflows and the outflows.
When the indicator assumes positive values, it means the inflows are currently overwhelming the outflows, and a net amount of coins is entering exchange wallets. Investors usually send their crypto to exchanges for withdrawing to fiat or for purchasing altcoins. So, if such netflows persist, the outcome could be bearish for the price of BTC.
On the other hand, negative netflows appear when more Bitcoin is entering exchanges than the amount going out. Prolonged downward spikes of the indicator can be bullish for the crypto as they may mean holders are in a state of accumulation.
the Bitcoin netflow had a huge negative spike yesterday, measuring more than 20k BTC.
This value of the netflow has been the highest negative one since the month of September. Shortly following this spike, BTC’s price showed strong momentum up, and the coin broke past $51k once again, Interestingly, December has so far had the most amount of BTC moving out of exchanges compared to the rest of the year.

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