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Required analysis of cryptocurrencies


📍Technical Analysis:

Technical analysis is very quantitative and based on measurement criteria.
Technical analysis, unlike fundamental analysis, focuses only on market price movements.
Technical analysis uses mathematical modeling and statistics and has a wide range of applications in cryptocurrency trading.
Three basic principles in the technical analysis of cryptocurrencies:
History repeats itself, Everything in the market is discounted, Prices move according to a certain trend.
To understand market price movements using technical analysis, one must look at various factors, including past and present cryptocurrency demand examine regulatory agencies around the world and recent trends in cryptocurrencies, among many other factors.
You can use technical analysis to understand patterns, trends and market sentiment, and by examining historical data such as price and trading volume and predict prices movement.
There are thousands of cryptocurrencies, and so far more than 1,000 of them have become failed projects and new cryptocurrencies are emerging.
The lack of regulation of the cryptocurrency market, among other factors, can make this market a dangerous path.
An analyst may use quantitative and qualitative techniques to evaluate investment opportunities.
You can make more reliable decisions by using fundamental and technical analysis and learning and using cryptocurrency training courses.

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