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Required analysis of cryptocurrencies


The use of business analytics is critical to the success of the cryptocurrency market.
When learning, familiarity research with these analyzes is an important part of cryptocurrency education. Analyze to find opportunities.
The analyzes that you need when entering the cryptocurrency market are:
🔹️ Fundamental Analysis
🔸️Technical Analysis

📍Fundamental Analysis:
Fundamental analysis was first introduced in 1934 with the publication of a book on investment called “Security Analysis”. In this book, the authors state that investors should consider all the business fundamentals before investing in a capital market.
Investors need to consider all aspects and not just rely on a handful of factors that affect the market situation.
Based on fundamental analysis, the market may initially value an asset more or less than its true value; But over time, as the market corrects, the true value of the asset is determined.
By performing a fundamental analysis, you will find out if an asset has been properly valued. This will help you make better decisions.
Because the cryptocurrency market is so young, it is likely that the cryptocurrencies will be valued more or less than their true value.
Using fundamental analysis in the cryptocurrency market, you can find that, for example, the cryptocurrency “X” is valued more than its true value and should be avoided.

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