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How to buy bitcoin and what points should we pay attention to in this regard?


First of all, it should be noted that the fact that Bitcoin is currently priced at around $60,000, should not worry you at all because we do not necessarily need to buy a whole unit of bitcoin which is now about $60,000. We can buy bitcoin equivalent to the money we have, for example 1 million tomans, 100 million tomans or a thousand dollars. Another point is that if you are outside of Iran, you can easily go through large exchanges such as Binance
use the Fiat money you have at your disposal, such as the UAE Dirham, the Turkish Lira, the British Pound or even the US Dollar, simply deposit your money inside the exchange through international ports and buy your currency in an exchange office.
For those of you who are in Iran, first register on sites such as Nobitex, Vallex, Ramzinex or other sites that work in this field; Then go through the authentication steps and wait for your account to be confirmed by the backup. When these steps are done, which may take a few hours, a day or even a week or two, you can simply deposit your Rial or Toman on this Iranian site and buy your cryptocurrency in return.
When you enter that site, the menu may be a bit different, but in general they have an option to buy bitcoin.
Bitcoin_Toman that you choose this option and of course before that you must go to your wallet and deposit your Toman or Rial currency.
Another point here is that you must make a deposit with a bank card that is in your name and you have registered it in that site. Otherwise the backup will not approve that site and you may get in trouble.
Once this is done, log in to the Bitcoin_Toman currency pair and make your Bitcoin purchase. Within a minute or two, the BTC will be added to your account and wallet.
In the case of Vallex site, it is very simple from the wallet section, you make your deposit and buy your BTC currency from the bitcoin section.
You must have noticed that it is not much different from Nobitex site.
The process is the same inside the Ramzinex site, depositing Rials in the wallet and then from the bitcoin section and buying your BTC.
After purchasing your currency, you must take it out of the exchange and transfer it to your wallet. Because no exchange is suitable for keeping your cryptocurrencies. You must select the currency withdrawal option in the Bitcoin section and enter your wallet address.
Different sites will charge you different fees for this transfer.

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