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Which low-cost cryptocurrencies have a better future?


One of the most frequently asked questions that most people ask is to introduce some low-priced cryptocurrencies so that we can invest in them.
Before I introduce these currencies to you, pay attention to a very important point that is if the price of a cryptocurrency is too low and only a few cents, it has little chance of finding prices of a few hundred or a few thousand dollars in the next 5 years.
The main and important reason that some cryptocurrencies have low prices is their high number of units; However, we will introduce some currencies that fall into this category.
We divide them into three general categories:
Those in the market cap category are above 10 billion.
Those in the market cap category are between 1 and 10 billion.
Those in the market cap category are below 1 billion.
As a rule, those over one billion have a lower risk, between one and ten billion have a medium risk and those below one billion have a higher risk.
The first cryptocurrency in the market cap category above ten billion is the XRP currency which you can choose with an investment view.
If you look closely, this currency has a lower price among the currencies whose market cap is over ten billion. Currencies like Cardano and TRX can be a good option if we want to look at currencies in the market cap category of one billion to ten billion.
Also, the currencies that have a market cap of less than one billion, as I told you, have a high risk.
IOTA, VeChain, BTT and Dogecoin are in this group. Doge coin currency is not offered to you at all because it has a high number of units and its price does not increase.

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