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How to buy cryptocurrencies for investment?


There are two different strategies you can use depending on how much market information you have:
The first strategy is that you do not want to get involved in international platforms; You have money and a good opportunity has happened in the market and you want to buy step by step. During such a period of time, you can go through existing exchanges such as Nobitex, Wallex or any other exchange that is operating, deposit your Rial or Toman and withdraw the cryptocurrency from that exchange.
Another way that is a bit more professional is that in the good situations that happen, such as the days when the dollar balances and falls, convert my Rial or Toman into Tether currency, which is a stablecoin, and wait until there is also a good opportunity to buy in the cryptocurrency market. At that time, I enter my Tether or StableCoin currency into exchanges such as Binance or Coinex and there I make it very easy to buy cryptocurrencies.
This second strategy is very suitable for you both in terms of converting Rials to dollars (at a time of price reduction) also in terms of converting dollars into cryptocurrency at a reasonable cost. Because according to different policies in market reform conditions that there is a lot of excitement and many people rush to a particular platform, The cost of buying that cryptocurrency may be expensive for us.

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