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How Polygon Sealed A $400M Deal To Get Ahead In The Ethereum ZK Rollup Race


Scaling solution Polygon has stepped up its Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proof ambitions. According to an official post, a startup called Mir will collaborate with Polygon and has invested a staggering amount of $400 million.
Mir and its team of experts will join the scaling solution to implement their ZK Rollup technology, developed for over two years. The startup was founded by Brendan Farmer and Daniel Lubarov, and its team, comprised of people with backgrounds in pure math, cryptography, and engineer, will be integrated into Polygon.
The scaling solution has already been making efforts to support and contribute to the development of scaling solutions. The project committed $1 billion from its treasury for this purpose.
Now, Mir will be integrated into this ecosystem with a new name, Polygon Zero.
Since the DeFi boom, Ethereum has faced issues regarding its network congestion and high transactions fees. This has allowed competitors with lower fees to rise and take market share from this network.

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