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What is a miner or mining machine and how can we make money with it?


Consensus algorithms or protocols of some cryptocurrencies are proof of work and in these currencies, we can do the mining process using devices that have high computing power.
These devices are known as mining machine. Now, if we want to take a closer look at this mining process, in this way, to add a new block to the blockchain of that network, these mathematical calculations need to be performed by miner devices and when these calculations are done by the network, those blocks and the transactions that take place inside it are added to the blockchain. Note that when we talk about miner, we mean the same hardware devices.
By no means we do mathematical calculations here by hand. Now if we want to look at mining as a means of earning money, we need you to have an initial capital so you can buy these miner devices.
Of course, these mining machines are divided into two general categories. The first category is those known as Rig mining. You can make them ready-made or even the devices separately.
Graphics cards play a very important role in mining Rigs. In fact, in this part, we use other devices as well but the most important part of mining Rigs are the graphics cards. They need to be the best model to be able to profit from your mining.
You can mine all types of cryptocurrencies whose consensus algorithm is POW. But they can not be profitable in all cryptocurrencies. Currencies based on GPU mining, like currencies such as ETH and Monero, can be profitable using graphics cards.

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