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Is it possible to make a profit by trading cryptocurrencies in Iranian sites?


Note that this method is called arbitrage or price difference between the markets that we are going to use. For example, we buy a bitcoin that costs $20,000 and sell it in a second exchange that costs $21,000 and make a profit of $1,000 here.
It is probably very interesting for you and you were encouraged to do it as soon as possible. But there are some very important points in this issue that if you do not pay attention, not only you may not make a profit, but you will suffer a lot of losses.
To do this we must have already registered and authenticated on the site of origin and destination where we are going to do this. If you have not registered and authenticated, you may miss out on this arbitrage opportunity and face a loss because the registration process is different on each site.
The next point is that you must make your first deposit and withdrawal.
Another important point is that you must check the prices carefully and instantly and do not confuse the buying and selling price.
So by observing these points, you must first make your purchase on the source site and transfer it to the destination site and make a profit.

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