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What is the best leverage for trading on futures platforms?


Keep in mind that working on futures platforms for beginners and novice traders is not recommended at all.
You must first get the required result in 6 months to 1 year in the exchange proof section and after that, let’s enter the test-net of futures platforms like Binance Futures. Finally, in the third step, you have to do your real trading on this platform. Because the use of leverage always increases profits and losses, In order for us to survive in this volatile cryptocurrency market, we must choose the leverage appropriate to our level of risk. There are people who raise the leverage and do not get stop loss, and they lose a lot and lose their asset.
Suppose you make a profit of $1,000; If the market conditions are appropriate, you trade with your profit, not with the original asset, with a high leverage, such as 15 or 20. There are two general situations: I can make a surplus profit
or I lose and lose my money. The worst thing is that I forgot to make a stop-loss and I will lose my profit. But my main asset will remain.
So follow these tips to get the desired result in the futures trading section!

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