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Which crypto currencies are valid?


When you enter the Coin Market cap site, just search for the name of that project or symbol in the search field and see if that cryptocurrency is on the coin market cap site list or not. Note that this is our preliminary step and just because a cryptocurrency is on the list or not, it does not mean that it is valid or not. Note that those cryptocurrencies that are just raising asset naturally are not currently on the list of coin market cap and similar sites. And for those looking to invest in strong and secure currencies, participating in early currencies is not a good option. In fact, the more currencies an exchange has, the more confident we are. The cryptocurrency must be in a valid and famous exchange.
As you can see on this site, Binance, Huobi and Coinbase exchanges are in the higher categories in the list.
Another point is that the name of that cryptocurrency may have gone inside Dex or decentralized exchanges, it does not mean that the currency is 100% valid, because inside decentralized exchanges we can easily list many cryptocurrencies; Centralized exchanges such as Binance have special filters for listing cryptocurrency and do not easily allow any cryptocurrency to be listed.
Note that some exchanges are fraudulent, meaning they list any cryptocurrency that is a scam in the exchange for money; They even consider a volume of fake trades for that currency, which we only realize when we enter the exchange office and look at its price chart;
So please only work on currencies listed in popular exchanges, I suggest you only invest on Binance exchange currencies and rest assured that the currencies of this exchange are so profitable that you will be satisfied, Of course, keep in mind that what I am saying does not mean that all currencies that are inside the Binance exchange are valid; It is better to work on currencies with a market cap of over 5-6 billion and leave out other currencies altogether.

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