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Many think that smart contracts are only executable on overly-complex blockchains, but Bitcoin is a smart contract platform by definition.
This is a question that, these days, has become impossible to answer!
The minute that term is thrown out in a conversation, most people immediately think “Ethereum,” or “Solana,” or “TRON” or any of these decentralized in name only (DINO) projects that have popped up over the years since the inception of Bitcoin. Most new or uninformed people in this ecosystem probably think that the term “smart contract” was coined by projects like Ethereum, and that these projects literally invented them. When they hear “smart contracts,” they probably immediately start thinking about decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), decentralized exchanges, automatic market makers and other such Turing-complete applications on Ethereum. Conceptually, anything that doesn’t approach that level of complexity is probably immediately dismissed by most people as not a smart contract. But nothing could be further from the truth.

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