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Three crypto-currencies that can experience a good future!


Cardano is the first cryptocurrency symbolized by the ADA. This currency was created by one of the developers of ETH network and it has already followed the path that ETH has seen in its updates over the next few years. If you’re aware, ETH wants to move from the Proof of work method to the Proof of stake and this is because it can improve the scalability and fees that exist in the ETH network. The Cardano network is currently using the Proof of stake mechanism or algorithm and a significant portion of Cardano units are also stake in this network (Sharing).
The important point is that an update has been created in the Cardano network in the last few times that projects that are tokens and are in the ETH network can be transferred to this network. All of this could lead to the Cardano project becoming part of the ETH market over the past few years.

Another popular project is Polkadot with the dot symbol which rivals ETH. This currency is also using the Proof of stake mechanism, and in this network, the fees are much better than ETH that many projects now prefer to do their work on this network instead of ETH. This currency has many uses.

Another currency is computer internet, which is symbolized by ICP. This project was created by Infiniti and took 5 years to launch. The network has about 180 developers, and of course the contracts it has signed with big companies like Twitter show its great strength.

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