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How to save and hold ICP through the Plug wallet?


If you enter the Coin-Market Cap site and click on the official site of this project, which is Definite, inside this site will show you wallets that you can hold ICP currency. One of those wallets is the plug wallet which you can click to enter the official site of this project.
The first question is why different wallets such as Trust-wallet, Exodus or Hardware wallets do not currently support ICP currency?
This is because the ICP currency project is much newer than other projects. This cryptocurrency has its own network or blockchain. That is why some famous wallets do not support this currency or they may do so in the future. This currency is in the form of coin, not tokens.
Plug-Wlallet training!
When you log-in to the plug site, your browser must be either Chrome or Opera. The important thing to note is that the plug wallet is web type and These web version wallets are less secure than software or hardware wallets. To send ICP currency, just click on the send option. Select the currency and the amount of currency you want to transfer. Finally, enter the destination wallet address. Suppose you bought ICP currency from Binance Exchange and hold it in your wallet and now the time has come for you to sell it. Simply copy the address of the wallet that shows you inside the exchange and click on Continue in order to send currency to the destination exchange and finally sell it.
This plug wallet, as mentioned in the description of the official site, supports from ICP currency, as well as NFTs that are on the computer Internet network, and tokens on the same network that help us a lot.

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