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Should we trade in Iranian or international exchanges?


Many people ask questions despite sites like Nobitex, Ramzinex or Vallex that have come to Iran and they have created a trading platform between buyer and seller, why do we need to enter sites like Bainance Which, incidentally has also imposed sanctions on Iran, and we have to endure a lot of pain to circumvent these sanctions. There are three general reasons for this:

1. The first reason is that the volume of transactions of international exchanges are not comparable to Iranian exchanges at all. You can find out for yourself from the order book that exists in the Bainance exchange or even the recent transactions that are taking place in this exchange. Thousands upon thousands of transactions are taking place in this exchange at any given moment.
If we refer to a site like Nobitex, in the recent trading section, only a few trades are made per minute. The same is true for the Romsinex site, and the number of transactions here is even lower. Or even if we refer to the Nobitex site, the same issue still exists and is not comparable to Bainance Exchange.
2. The second reason is that we have an advanced trading platform in international exchanges that we can make our trade much more professional by using the tools that the exchange has created for us. One of the easiest tools on this site is to taking Stop-loss. Now, for example, you do not see anything called a loss-limit in exchanges such as Nobitex, Ramzinex or Vallex. You can only buy and sell bitcoins If there are many options in Bainance exchange.
3. The third reason is that in Iranian sites such as Nobitex, Ramzinex and Vallex, the currencies we can buy and sell are very limited but this restriction does not exist on the Bainance site.

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