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What are the best exchanges we can use as an alternative to Bainance?


Many users are migrating from Bainance after compulsory authentication but depending on the circumstances and with what perspective you are operating in Bainance Exchange, this destination can be different.
If we refer to the site of Coin Market Cap, in the exchange section, it has divided the exchange offices into 3 categories:
Proof/Derivatives exchanges/Decentralized exchanges.
If you are doing proof trading, Naturally you should note which exchange is close to Bainance Exchange in terms of trading volume as well as the currencies it supports.
There are two exchanges that can be very good options, one is Huobi Exchange and the other is Kucoin Exchange. But if you are careful, none of these exchanges reach Bainance exchange in terms of trading volume but in terms of the number of currencies they support, they are almost equal to the binance and we can say that the currencies that we used to buy and sell in Bainance, we can also find and buy and sell inside these two exchanges. Another exchange that Iranians use a lot and believe that it can replace Bainance exchange is Kucoin exchange.

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