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In what ways is fraud in the name of celebrities in the cryptocurrency market?


This is exactly the kind of fraud that happens in the cryptocurrency market,
This method itself is done in 2 general ways:
1. The first case is that people within different social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even YouTube and other social networks create a fake account that the username of that account is similar to the username of famous people or even brands. When they do, they share some content on that fake page to gain more trust from the public and they even create fake followers and likes for that account and then send messages to different people; and in the form of celebrities, they say they are investing in their company or brand and if you want to get involved, you need to transfer some bitcoin, ETH, Doge and any other cryptocurrency to their wallet address; They even mention a percentage that people are encouraged to send them that currency, Unaware that the account is completely fake and when you sent the currency to them, they will not respond and will block you.
2. The second method, which is much more dangerous than the first method,that is fraud with Deep fake technology; In this method, people use artificial intelligence to turn their faces into famous people and because it is in the form of video and audio, a higher percentage of people trust them which has recently taken many victims in the field of cryptocurrencies.
There are a lot of scams going through this and you have to remember that celebrities never send messages to ordinary people and you have to be careful not to fall into the trap of swindlers.

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