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How to make money through pool x of KuCoin exchange?


In the pool x section of KuCoin Exchange, we can benefit from an estimated annual profit by holding our currencies or stacking them. There are two very important points here; The first point is that the profit you see for each currency is an estimated annual profit
and it’s not that you can get exactly that number; This number may decrease or increase in the coming days. The next point is that the number listed here is an annual estimate that is, if you hold your currencies for a whole year and this part is still valid, you can find a number close to this, and if for example, you hold your currency here for 15 or 30 days, you will receive a portion of this profit.
You should enter pool x from the finance tab. In this section, different currencies have different conditions (different repayments). Another point is that some of these currencies have a limited time to profitability.
It means, for example, the interest mentioned here exists for up to 30 days and after that time, the process stops.
In the flexible part, there are currencies that you can take out of Saving whenever you want. In the promotion section, there are currencies whose saving time is limited and you can not enter those currencies whenever you want. Some currencies do not have an option called subscription.
These are tips to watch out for in pool x to make a good profit.The pool x section in general can be profitable for you and does not have any special risk; Just because our currencies are stored inside an exchange, if an exchange account is hacked, we may not have access to our currency.

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