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What are cryptocurrencies based on Proof of Stake?


Over the past few years, a group of cryptocurrencies has emerged that use Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithms and they have more advantages than cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which use Proof of Work (PoW) or mining algorithms. For example, one of these important advantages is that unlike these currencies, they do not require expensive hardware equipment and people can participate in the transaction approval process within this network by staking that currency. In this way, both less energy is consumed and the speed of transaction approval is increased.
Over the past few years, two general types of these cryptocurrencies have emerged. The first group‌ is the currencies that are Proof of Stake and the second group are the currencies that are delegate Proof of Stake; That means, a number of agents are selected and they approve the transactions.
You can find these currencies on sites like Coin-Market-Cap. To do this, first enter the category section and find the phrase dpos. You can see the list of currencies and of course you should pay attention to an important point; Some currencies may have been entered incorrectly in this list, or even a currency that supports this algorithm may not be in the list!

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