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What is TRON? Is it suitable for investment or not?


This currency was the ETH network token in 2017, and at that time it was attracting asset for itself and when it got the required asset, this currency launched its own blockchain.
One of the widespread advertisements about this project in 2017 was the amount of transactions that were done within this network and if you go to TRON network’s official website (http://tron.network), you will notice that it has mentioned this point in the performance section on the main page and it has been magnified that the TRX currency can handle 2,000 transactions per second; Unlike Bitcoin and ETH, which do much less transactions and it really wants to show that TRON’s platform is much better than other networks like ATH or Bitcoin But to date, this network has not been able to achieve the desired growth; Because many people realized that projects like Bitcoin and ETH are decentralized and the kind of consensus they have is the kind of proof of doing work, but a project like TRON is not like that; Rather it is that a number of representatives come together and approve the transactions, and it is relatively centralized.

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