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How to work in cryptocurrency exchanges using vps without the worry of sanctions?


vps or virtual server is the best and safest way.
vps server which its hardware is provided to us virtually and you can work with it just like a computer system.
In different countries, there are a number of companies called data centers which run very powerful computer systems as servers inside these data centers and make it available to other individuals or companies. For example, if a site like Amazon, Facebook or Digikala needs a server to store their information, they can use these data center companies and store their data inside them. There are so many systems in these companies.These companies install software called virtualization on their servers and these servers are divided into several parts.
One of the operating systems that is installed on the virtual server is the Windows that we are using. vpn is the version that sits between your server and your system; But vps, because there is a server in another country, it seems that you have the identity of that country. There are many free versions for vpns but vps are not free and you have to pay money for them But they are safer and easier to work with.

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