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What are the best cryptocurrencies in defi?


As you probably know, each of the cryptocurrency projects is working in different fields.
Some are in the field of the Internet of Things، others are working on file storage. A number of others are operating in the field of exchanges. There are several fields. One of the fields that has been very significant in the last year and a half is the discussion of DeFi or decentralized finance. We must first have a definition of this field and the specific categories that are defined for this field.
In general, DeFi stands for decentralized finance, which we can translate as decentralized finance. there are other translations for this phrase. In general, any project that operates in the field of finance, and implements it in a decentralized manner, is classified in the field of DeFi Which is a general category and itself is divided into a series of categories and branches and you see some of those famous projects. Projects that are in the form of stablecoins, projects that operate in the form of lending; it means that we can borrow within that platform and do not need any intermediator.
Projects that work in the field of insurance or even those projects that have special transactions in the field of exchanges such as derivatives that we know them as futures contracts or even those that provide us with trading margin. These are part of that category of more specific classes
Which exists in the field of DeFi.

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