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What is the difference between Nobitex Exchange and Bainance Exchange? which of these exchanges should we choose?


As you know, Bainance Exchange is the largest exchange in the cryptocurrency market and it is very popular among users. From the opposite side Nobitex Exchange is the largest and most popular exchange in Iran. there are some differences between these two exchanges. The first difference is that in Bainance exchange we have many different currency pairs.
There are cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ATH, BMB or StableCoins like Tether that we can trade.
But in the Nobitex exchange we only have two general cryptocurrency pairs. The pairs that are in rials or tomans which is known as the main market, and there are a number of pairs that are known as the professional market with Tether currency pairs. In fact, we have fewer currency pairs in the Nobitex exchange and we can do less trading. Another difference is that in Bainance exchange there are many cryptocurrencies, about 350 different currencies that we can trade. But at Nobitex, there are only about 10 cryptocurrencies that we can trade.
So we can do more professional trades in Bainance Exchange. Another difference is that in Bainance exchange, because it is a large and global exchange, the volume of transactions is very high and the price changes instantly and trades are done quickly.

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