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What is the difference between Coinex and KuCoin? And which of these exchanges should we choose?


To compare these two sites, we use data and information from several reference sites in this field. One of those sites is definitely the Coin-Market-Cap site.
If we enter this site and go to the exchange section, different sites are classified based on the parameters in this site, If you pay attention, KuCoin Exchange has a 4th rank in this site, but Coinex Exchange has a much lower rank; Forty-eighth rank. If you pay attention to exchange source section, it has a score of 5 for Coinex Exchange, but it has a score of 6 and 8 for KuCoin Exchange.
If we want to compare the two exchanges in terms of trading volume، Naturally, KuCoin Exchange can have a higher score for us. Because its trading volume is higher than Coinex Exchange. Now this volume of transactions means that you can easily buy and sell instantly in exchanges like Bainance and Cocaine. But in a Coinex exchange on some currency pairs that have low liquidity, you will naturally have a problem and you can not easily do your trade. The number of currencies supported in the Coinex exchange is about 300.
But the number of these currencies is much higher in the KuCoin exchange and if you look closely, it supports more cryptocurrencies than Bainance Exchange. If we go into these two exchanges and compare one of the famous currency pairs which is BTCUSDT، We can find more detailed information in this field.
If you notice, the number of trades that are done at the moment in the KuCoin exchange is very high, and trades are done with high speed in this exchange.
If we want to examine the same popular currency pair inside the Coinex exchange, we see that the transaction speed of these currencies is much slower than the KuCoin exchange Which shows that the liquidity in this exchange is less than KuCoin exchange That we may have problems in some currency pairs and we can not easily do our trades.

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