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How to make our deals through trust-wallet from pancake-swap exchange?


The process is different on Android and iOS phones.
In Android, we select the D-Apps option or go to settings and select the preferences option. Then turn on the browser D-Apps and activate the enable button. In iOS, to enter the Pancake-Swap Exchange, all you have to do is open the Pancake-Swap Exchange in your browser. In the connect wallet section, select the wallet connect option from the list that opens.
Because we work with the phone, we simply select one from the list of wallets on the phone. And if we make a confirmation in it, the connection of the wallet to the Pancake-Swap exchange will be done easily. Click on Pancake-Swap Exchange to be able to convert currencies on the exchange page. You just have to pay full attention to the two basic points. The first point is that you must use a VPN to work in a Pancake-Swap exchange. This is because most of the time the transaction may not be approved. The second point is that there must be some BNB currencies with binance smart chain standard in the wallet, Because transaction fees are paid through this currency.

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