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Bitcoin $60K resistance hints at ‘buy the dip opportunity’ before all-time highs — Analyst


Bid and ask levels are flipping bullish as BTC/USD heads towards $60,000, data shows.

Bitcoin (BTC) liquidity is changing — and it could mean that hodlers will get a fresh “buy the dip” opportunity.
As noted by on-chain analyst Material Scientist on Oct. 12, order book movements are now repeating behavior from August.

In other words, as BTC/USD has neared $60,000, more sellers are demanding higher prices for BTC — within 20% of spot price.

Resistance “won’t matter” months from now

As Cointelegraph reported, meanwhile, analysts are split over when a potential correction could happen and how far it could extend.
With as low as $45,000 still in play, yet against a lack of overall selling interest, Bitcoin is keeping investors guessing as it grinds towards all-time highs.
“Macro-wise, BTC is gearing up for the second part of its cycle. That said, $BTC is at its final major resistance area before new All-Time Highs,” trader and analyst Rekt Capital reasoned on Oct. 12.

“In the short-term, this resistance area may matter. But months from now — it won’t.”

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