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This Large-Cap Altcoin Is Primed for a Breakout, Says Crypto Trader Michaël van de Poppe


A popular crypto trader and top strategist says that the Ethereum-based blockchain network Chainlink (LINK) appears primed for a breakout.
Van de Poppe notes how that the pattern in LINK’s chart signals an upward surge.
Van de Poppe says that if LINK can sustain a specific key level, it will continue to climb.
“At this stage, if Chainlink is going to sustain above this level here, which is around 60,000 (.0006 BTC) satoshis ($28.87), I think we are eager for a breakout to the upwards momentum.
The next run of Chainlink will be happening toward around 80,000 satoshis (.0008 BTC) ($38.50), implying a run of 30%. But then we are most likely going to get a new cycle for Chainlink as well, implying we’re going to have some serious continuation on the markets.”
Chainlink is currently trading at $30.76, a 26% increase from its 30-day low of $24.38 and a 17% decrease from its 10-day high of $36.00, according to CoinGecko.

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