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This DeFi platform positions itself as a new Compound built on Solana


With the help of artificial intelligence, one DeFi protocol is eliminating the barriers to trading.
Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) empower users by getting cryptocurrency assets into the hands of more people.
One platform is attempting to make the trading of crypto more accessible and straightforward with the use of artificial intelligence. Currently, new users must learn about markets and the assets they want to trade, adding to the barriers of getting started.
Beyond its innovative AI trading capabilities, Soldex offers many additional features over other DEXs. Since it is natively built on the Solana blockchain, it resolves many of the infrastructure issues apparent in older systems. It is relatively quick and cheap to use compared to anything built on Ethereum.
To remain decentralized, the internal infrastructure consists of smart contracts and the use of oracles.
The CEO of Soldex, John Robertson, shares that the “AI will be so far advanced that users will be able to “create their own trading strategies and sell them on the marketplace.”
Providing AI trading in a decentralized format can greatly impact the way people view cryptocurrencies. The platform is also completely permissionless, so anyone, regardless of location, can provide liquidity, trade or begin staking without a Know Your Client (KYC) requirement.
Taking a look at their roadmap, users can expect to see SOLX listed on major exchanges, future collaborations with the Solana foundation and a global academy AI course. This course will help explain Solana and DeFi to anyone new to the technology, exposing them to the technology and helping to build an impactful community.

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