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Bitcoin is the future, YouTube star KSI says


British YouTuber KSI blames “over leveraging” for his previous loss of $9.74 million (£7 million) in crypto investment.

Prominent YouTube star KSI belongs to the group of crypto investors who have made and lost a lot of money during the last Bitcoin (BTC) crash. However, the United Kingdom-based influencer’s latest interview showed his continued support and belief in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Claiming to back the crypto ecosystem, KSI said: I think Bitcoin is the future. It’s definitely going to be long term, but in ten years’ time, people who invested will be laughing.”

The YouTuber also contrasted fiat currency’s ongoing inflation with Bitcoin’s price owing to the traditional practice of printing money. He further strengthened this claim by stating that “you can’t increase the amount of Bitcoin and that has value.”

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