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Number of investors owning Bitcoin has tripled since 2018: Gallup Poll


Prices of Bitcoin, Cardano, Dogecoin and Ethereum prices are all trending up today (July 23) as the cryptocurrency market begins to show signs of recovery from its recent dip at the start of this week.

The dip affecting all major coinsin the cryptocurrency market earlier this week (July 20) saw Bitcoin prices fall dramatically for the second time in a month as Covid-19 fears gripped markets worldwide and worsened the impact of a global crackdown on crypto.

The world’s largest cryptocurrency fell below the $30,000 threshold that investors and market warned could open the door to new lows in the cryptocurrency’s value, as Bitcoin struggled to return to its former soaring values of up to $64,000 in value.

Tuesday saw Bitcoin topple by at least 5% on the previous 24 hours that day, with the fall coming after warnings that continuing global crackdowns on cryptocurrency mining operations and trading worldwide could be continuing to plague the market with greater levels of instability.

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