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How this crypto project is bringing all things DeFi under one roof


An all-in-one DeFi portfolio management platform aims to streamline trading and analysis on decentralized platforms.

A crypto project says it is changing the game of decentralized portfolio management — and delivers an all-in-one platform that brings everything users need under one roof.

DEXKIT has been built to provide a genuinely user-friendly way of managing and trading digital assets. The application features a DEX aggregator, professional exchange, NFT marketplace, and dashboard where users can monitor asset performance.

The DSwap aggregator continually monitors more than 30 decentralized exchanges on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum networks, delivering up-to-the-minute crypto data. Swaps can be filled by multiple protocols at once which can result in more tokens for trades. This is complemented by a full-suite, professional trading platform that unlocks the best prices and liquidity from top DeFi protocols and decentralized exchanges.

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