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Polkadot creator Gavin Wood proposes June 15 for first Kusama parachain auction


The first Kusama parachain auction could happen by mid-June if the council votes in favor of a recently released tentative schedule.
Polkadot and Kusama creator Gavin Wood has published a tentative schedule for the much-anticipated Kusama parachain slot auctions. According to a blog post posted on Tuesday, the first parachain auction slot will open on June 15 at 12:00 pm Central European Summer Time.
The tentative schedule, subject to the approval of the Kusama Council and other KSM stakeholders, will see the maiden parachain auction concluded by June 17, with the bidding period continuing until June 22.
If the Kusama Council approves the schedule, then the first-ever parachain slot auction winner could emerge by 11:00 am on June 22. The second parachain slot auction will then commence an hour later, with subsequent slot auctions slated at one-week intervals according to Wood’s post.

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