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Ethereum has strong fundamentals, so why are pro traders bearish on ETH?

Digital Currencies

Ether price has outperformed Bitcoin by 32% since May, but derivatives data shows pro traders are feeling less bullish about the top altcoin

Bitcoin is trading 41% below its $64,900 all-time high, and that move has driven the “Crypto Fear and Greed Index” to its lowest level since March 2020

Billionaire investor Stanley Druckenmiller reiterated his bullish stance on Bitcoin when he said

“I think BTC has won the store of value game because it’s a brand, it’s been around for 13–14 years and it has a finite supply”

Ethereum overtook Bitcoin in terms of miner revenue and network value transacted right as a report from Goldman Sachs revealed that the global investment bank believes Ether has a high chance of overtaking Bitcoin as a dominant store of value

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