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Satoshi Nakamoto is immortalized nearby the Steve Jobs bronze statue in Budapest

Digital Currencies

Budapest is set to erect a life-size bronze statue depicting Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto

The face features a reflective surface that symbolizes the unknown identity of Satoshi

Bitcoin’s anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto is set to be depicted in a life-size bronze statue in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary

According to local news outlet Hungary Today, sculptors, Réka Gergely and Tamás Gilly are designing the statue, and unveiling initial plans depicting a figure with a featureless face wearing a Bitcoin hoodie

The hood is over the figure’s head, and the face will be made from a reflective surface so that viewers can see themselves mirrored back when they look at the statue — emphasizing the idea that we are all Satoshi

The project was initiated by crypto enthusiast András Györfi. Speaking with Hungary Today, he emphasized the benefits that Bitcoin and blockchain tech offer to the world

The statue is set to be erected in Graphisoft Park in Budapest’s 3rd district, which already has a statue depicting Apple founder Steve Jobs in his signature look of jeans, a turtleneck, and sneakers. It was commissioned as a tribute to Jobs from Graphisoft, a Hungarian software firm that Jobs’ invested in as a start-up in the mid-1980s

This is not the first public monument to be created in celebration of crypto culture — back in 2018 the Slovenian city of Kraj unveiled a Bitcoin monument in the center of a roundabout near the city’s courthouse

The monument consists of a horizontal seven-meter-wide steel ring with the Bitcoin logo in the center. The project was financed by Luxembourg-based crypto exchange Bitstamp and blockchain software firm 3fs

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