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Bitcoin ‘of great concern,’ Ireland’s central bank official warns


Bitcoin ‘of great concern,’ Ireland’s central bank official warns

Cryptocurrency investors should be ready to lose all their holdings, according to Ireland’s central bank financial conduct director.

Ireland’s central bank director general for financial conduct is the latest official to point out issues of Bitcoin (BTC) and the cryptocurrency industry following a major market sell-off.

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is “of great concern,” the Central Bank of Ireland’s Derville Rowland warned, Bloomberg reports Monday.

“Crypto assets are quite a speculative, unregulated investment,” and investors should be “really aware they could lose the whole of that investment,” Rowland stated after crypto markets shed nearly $1 trillion in a matter of days in one of the biggest historic crypto sell-offs.

Earlier this year, the financial authority outlined the same concerns around crypto, stating that these types of assets are not regulated and pose significant risks for investors due to its highly volatile nature.

A number of central bank officials have raised the alarm on crypto investment recently. In early May — prior to a downturn on crypto markets — the Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey warned that cryptocurrencies have no intrinsic value and that people should only buy them if they’re prepared to lose their money. Last week, Bank of Japan governor Haruhiko Kuroda slammed Bitcoin, arguing that most of the trading was speculative.

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