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Month: May 2021

US regulators must collaborate on ‘regulatory perimeter’ for crypto: OCC head

Acting OCC head, Michael Hsu, wants greater inter-agency cooperation in establishing regulatory guidelines for the crypto sector. The Acting Comptroller of the Currency, Michael Hsu, has expressed that regulatory agencies in the United States should establish a “regulatory perimeter” for digital assets and cryptocurrencies. In an interview with Financial Times, […]

Bitcoin price indicators suggest BTC has not bottomed yet

Traders are using a variety of strategies to determine whether Bitcoin price has bottomed, but on-chain activity and derivatives data hint that the situation remains precarious. Has Bitcoin price bottomed yet? According to noshitcoins, derivatives and on-chain data signal that further downside could be in store. The 500% price rally […]

Don’t blame crypto for ransomware

.Hackers will keep hacking as long as organizations are vulnerable crypto is not an exception In cases of ransomware, we generally see a typical cycle repeat: Initially, the focus is on the attack, the root cause, the fallout and steps organizations can take to avoid attacks in the future. Then, […]

?Grayscale Bitcoin premium rebounds as BTC price falls below $35K. What does it mean

Bitcoin (BTC) has crashed by around 44% from its all-time high of $64,899, signaling an end to its second-largest bull run that started in March 2020. Many analysts, including those from BiotechValley Insights, see “terrible technicals” in the Bitcoin market, noting that the flagship cryptocurrency could extend its ongoing decline […]

Analyst says reclaiming $37,500 is Bitcoin’s crucial line in the sand

.According to analysts from Decentrader, Bitcoin needs to quickly reclaim the $37,500 level and ETH needs to hold $2,300 as support to avoid bull-market-ending price action According to analysis from filbfilb, co-founder of Decentrader, Bitcoin’s price action is a major source of the market’s confusion as it remains away from […]

The remaining steps to mainstream institutional investment

The crypto space suffers from its checkered history and, to grow further, the ecosystem must become safer, more usable and more mature. It has been said that you only get one chance to make a first impression. Perhaps the best example of this old adage is the crypto currency space. […]

American convenience store chain now accepts Bitcoin payments

Mid Atlantic convenience store giant Sheetz is set to accept Bitcoin and crypto payments across its outlets. Retail crypto payment acceptance in the United States continues to grow as Sheetz announces plans to allow the use of digital currencies in its outlets across the country. In a release issued on Thursday, the […]

Listed company in Japan to launch platform for DA apps

A publicly listed company in Japan wants to contribute to block chain technology “sparking a value revolution in finance.” A publicly listed company in Japan that is a shareholder of one of the country’s first crypto currency exchanges says it is exploring new use cases for its digital asset. FISCO […]

Dfinity responds to Internet Computer decentralization and privacy concerns

Dfinity has sought to quell criticism over the decentralization and privacy of its Internet Computer protocol. he team sought to assure that the project’s foundation does not have control over the majority of voting power, emphasizing that decentralization is a priority for the network as it moves forward. The project […]